Global Modular Skid

On-Demand Fleet Versatility

Global Pump proudly introduces the industry's first patent pending Modular Skid, allowing customers to build on to their existing pump as needs change.

The Global Pump Modular Skid begins with a skid base that can be combined with bolt-on components to transform pump models from skid to trailer and/or open to enclosed by simply adding on extension pieces.

In addition, the Global Pump Modular Skid provides end users with the ability to construct four different Global Pump models on the same skid base using interchangeable pump end and/or engine combinations.

Download the Global Modular Skid cutsheet (PDF)
  • Standard, adaptable skid base capable of receiving Global Pump 4GSH, 6GST, 6GHT and 8GST pump end sizes and various OEM engine configurations.
  • Trailer tongue for conversion of skid into towable trailer.
  • End cap for configuration as a short open trailer (additional trailer tongue required) or a short open skid.
  • Lifting bail mount for movement of open or enclosed unit by crane.