Designed for Efficiency, Ease-of-Maintenance, and Long Service Life

Global Pump products are engineered with the customer foremost in mind. As one of our own customers, our years of experience of providing trash, high head, and wellpoint pumps across a variety of applications have led to a pump designed for efficiency, ease-of-maintenance, and long service life. The Global Pump line is a best of class product for customers all across the globe.

The Suction Cover, Stuffing Box, and Bearing Housing can be pulled out for service without disturbing the casing, suction, or discharge. Repairs and maintenance can often be done in the field.

A Fully Automatic Venturi Priming System allows for reliable and rapid priming and re-priming, which is proven to be the most reliable priming system in the industry. Pumps can run dry with the Glycol Quench system without damage to the pump or mechanical seal.

Ask us how a Global Pump can save you thousands of dollars per year in fuel and maintenance costs!