Global Pump

Global Pump Company was founded in 1997 by Rod Mersino, the owner/operator of Mersino Dewatering, Inc. As a dewatering/bypass contractor, Rod knew the importance of highly dependable and efficient pumps. Not appreciating the performance of alternative manufacturers, he set out on his own to design and manufacture the most dependable, rugged pump possible.

Global Pump is a tried, tested, and successful company with worldwide distribution. This website will outline our product line and we look forward to you contacting us if you have any questions at or 866-360-PUMP.

"Being a customer of your own product line sheds a unique insight on equipment designs that work well. That is certainly the case of Global Pump and its parent company, Mersino Dewatering, Inc.

Since Global Pump's inception in 1997, its product line has been developed out of the need for a more rugged, reliable, and efficient pump. The designs are tested and proven in the field - not only by Mersino, but also by valued end users and rental customers from around the globe.

People want outstanding equipment, and a vendor who is responsive to their needs. That's what you get with Global Pump."

- ROD MERSINO, Founder

"Global Pump designs and manufactures world class pumps used in a variety of applications including construction and mine dewatering, temporary sewer bypass, oil and gas water supply, emergency flood control, and various industrial uses.

Because many of our pumps operate in an emergency environment, they are required to start every time and run 24 hours a day. With this in mind, it is crucial that our pumps move more water at higher heads, more efficiently than ever before with reliability and ease of service.

We want you to expect the best products and service from Global Pump Company."

- GINO MERSINO, President / CEO