Cutter Blade

As an option, Global Pump has developed a cutter solution for severe ragging and clogging from stringy solids in wastewater and other applications. This cutter assembly chops up stringy solids that tend to rag up in the pump impeller, before they get stuck.

It's effective in reducing clogging and cutting up rag balls of wet wipes, towels and other stringy solids that are problematic in harsh sewer and industrial sewers. Such clogs can cause extreme loss of pump efficiency and excessive down time to clean out the pump.

The cutter is a twin blade design, with one blade integrated into the impeller wear ring, and the other integrated into the suction cover wear ring of the pump. As a result, they are easily replaceable and can be retrofitted into existing Global Pumps with minimal effort - even in the field.

The hardened and sharpened blade design ensures long service life, and the clearance can be adjusted for optimal cutting and minimal efficiency loss.



  • Fits into standard Global Pumps (see list of models)
  • Backwards compatible with existing pumps
  • Can be equipped in the field as needed
  • No change to external pump dimensions
  • Minimal cost - cutters are integrated into the wear rings
  • Full pipe width rotating and stationary cutter blades
  • Hardened and abrasion resistant blade material
  • Both blades sharpened
  • Adjustable clearance
  • Cuts up stringy solids
  • Increased efficiency due to reduced ragging
  • Reduced downtime to clean up ragging


  • Sewage
  • Bypass Pumping
  • Paper and Pulp
  • Municipal
  • Marine
  • Industrial Process


  • Dredging
  • Hard solids (e.g. rock, metal)

Current Cutter Capable Pumps: 4GST, 4GHT, 6GST, 6GHT, 8GST, 8GHT, 12GST, 12GHT
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Download Cutter Blade cutsheet (PDF)